But the vast majority of Conduit CN search terms (eg ‘Floraparkbad’. ‘Swimming pool Amsterdam Noord’, ‘Swimming pool Floraparkbad’) do not provide clarity. A top task can easily be derive from ‘Large waste collection data’, but not from ‘Info District Council’. 4. Some topics very broad Some topics are very broad. For example, a wide Conduit CN variety of information about schools is sought, including information about certain schools. The figures do make it clear that many people search for information about schools via Conduit CN the city district website, so that it is an important part of the website. But you don’t know what they are specifically looking for.

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We suspect that this is very diverse: one Conduit CN person is looking for a good ‘pre-school’ in the area that prepares for primary school, the other information about a secondary school. Enough information? Despite the fact that some information is still quite general and not everything can be directly translate into one task, it provides us with sufficient Conduit CN input for the usability test. We could do further research with an online survey into what people are specifically looking for in the field of schools, construction projects and the city council, but Conduit CN even then the answers could be very diverse.

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The efforts are expecte to yield little relevant Conduit CN additional information about the top tasks. For the time being, we are satisfie with what the statistics and the search terms have yielde: a large list of concrete much sought-after information Conduit CN and a number of topics to be fill in further. Top tasks other information Base on the statistics and search terms, we arrive at the following (still quite long) list of top tasks, which we will translate into assignments for the usability test: Find ferry times. Search for swimming pool Conduit CN opening times. Find pool contact details/rates. Find collection dates for bulky waste collection.

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