Nestlé dominates the soluble coffee market in the national. Territory according to euromonitor estimates nescafé. Percent share in that segment remaining 70 years as a. Leading brand in its sector is worthy of attention. By marketers and advertisers nescafé is a company. That has achieved what many brands in mexico are. Constantly looking for. According to data from the company itself. It is estimated that each year more than 15 billion. Cups of the brand are consumed in mexico. Nestlé dominates the soluble coffee market. In the national territory. According. Uae Whatsapp Number List To euromonitor estimates, nescafé has a percent share in that segment. Hence their campaigns generate expectations and more. When it comes to a refresh. In a communication that has been traditional for years.

Its new campaign is called it and rosa maría cordero

Its new campaign is called it and rosa maría cordero. Marketing manager of the firm in the mexican nation. Shared with merca2.0 that this year we celebrate 70 years. Uae Whatsapp Number List In the market and it is a brand with a lot of tradition. A lot of heritage but this also means that we have to keep. Updating ourselves and be relevant. And for this, our history is very important but we want. To continue being important in the mexican market. And the effort of this specific campaign is to connect. With young people with millennials the campaign is called. Uae Whatsapp Number List It because its claim in english is it all start. For that of “everything starts with a nescafé and in this case. They refer to attempts it is an effort by the brand. To rejuvenate modernize but above all to keep it current.

Today we know that young people are a very important

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Today we know that young people are a very important. Not only for the coffee category, but for many industries. And for us to stay relevant be up-to-date connect. So that what we offer makes sense. And adds to them, and offer experiences that is the. Objective of the campaign to do this they invited several influencers. Such as chumel torres vadhir derbez among others. And what we wanted is to get them out of their comfort. Zone and that they will try more. Influencers are an inherent part of current digital strategies. 85 percent of brands use influencer marketing. Uae Whatsapp Number List
As part of their sales strategie. And it is that according. 92 percent of people are willing to trust the recommendations.

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