Her content marketing generated tremendous feedback. And her product line glossier was specifically based on that feedback from her audience. For emily. Content marketing wasn’t just a one-way channel for generating traffic to her site. It was a medium through which she could engage her fans and Thailand Phone Number create something they really wanted. She even took clever approaches to her content: for a solid month. Glossier never branded their instagram and instead teased out photos before finally revealing the company launch. Her approach to content marketing grew their following to more than . on instagram alone and helped solidify her line of cosmetics.

Today. Emily continues to rely on the blog audience. As well as their social channels to drive engagement and solicit feedback for new products to ensure that customers always get what Thailand Phone Number they want. Her achievement is proof that a highly engaged audience can drive significant success in ecommerce. Even from a blog. . Joy cho joy-cho-for-built-their-brands-with-content-marketing in . Joy cho launched a blog to narrate her journey as a graphic designer in a new city after moving to new york. While she had no specific strategy for the content. She shared the things that she enjoyed. As the blog gained traffic. She began receiving lead requests from prospective clients. 

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As the stream of clients grew. Joy was able to transition from a part-time freelancer to running a full-time business. In recent years. She has transformed “oh joy” into a media lifestyle brand that helps organizations with their own designing and content marketing. Typically from a visual perspective. Her Thailand phone number creative use of visual content marketing has earned her a spot as one of pinterest’s top influencers with more than  million followers. The growth of her brand through content has also landed her some top-tier clients. Target contracted joy to improve their pinterest marketing efforts. Resulting in a pinterest board that generated more than k followers. She has since earned a spot in time magazine’s top websites in their “design ” issue.

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You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t make the most of social media’s promotional power to grow your business… but social media marketing can get pretty impersonal when you’re purely using it to drive traffic. Collect leads and convert users into sales. A timeline full of flat out promotion leads to Thailand Phone Number low engagement. So it’s important to share posts that engage and delight your fans and followers. Trends and special events are a great way to reach your audience on an emotional level. Appealing to their desire to share information. Feel like part of a group. And provide value to their own audience. 

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Here are some inspiring ideas to implement trends and special events into your content calendar. So you have a consistently positive impact on your audience. And maybe send a post or two viral. Bonus: for a bit of extra reading on this topic. I recommend you download this practical e-book about Thailand Phone Number holiday posts and their potential to go viral on social media social media guide free download the ultimate guide to social media marketing for business first name * email * download now . 

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