Facebook announced the launch of its application. In the mexican market a tool that promises to make. It easier for users to locate local events. Restaurants services and points of sale. With the intention of expanding its customer base. Facebook announced the launch of its facebook local. Application in the mexican market a tool that promises. To make it easier for users to locate. Local events, restaurants services and points of sale . The tool will allow people to receive recommendations and possible. Locations of interest based on the. Suggestions made by their contacts, as well as through an. Interactive map similarly the application allows. You to create and manage an activity agenda.

In Order to Provide Greater Privacy Controls Users Could

In order to provide greater privacy controls users could. Decide whether the app uses their real time location or. Buy Lebanon Whatsapp Numbers Manually enter the place where they are or from. Which they want to receive recommendations. Through a press release aditya koolwal product manage.R of the social network, indicated that the new application. Facebook local helps you easily find. What to do where to go where to eat or what you are looking. For and everything recommended by the people you know. And trust facebook although initially the action. Is focused on improving the user experience. The reality is that it is a movement of the social. Network that seeks to attract small and. Medium-sized companies with greater focus and. Efficiency organizations that are potential clients. For the social network itself important to mention that.

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a global increase of percent in the base of its advertisers

a global increase of percent in the base of its advertisers. In the previous six months a figure driven mainly. By small and medium-sized companies. Settled mainly in the latin american region. In particular, in the mexican market morning. Consult estimates indicated that mall entrepreneurs in mexico. Built their business supported by facebook. According to the higher institute for internet development. And the in mexico is among the top 10 of the most. Used sites to buy products in the fashion. And electronic categories as well as to contract services. Related to the travel segment the platform is located. Within the 20 most visited options. In fact it is expected.

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