Motivate with compliments Who doesn’t like to receive Cambodia B2B List a compliment every now and then? A small confirmation that you are doing well for that extra bit of motivation. Duolingo showers you with pats on the back for this reason. Whether you pick up on this unconsciously or Cambodia B2B List consciously, it ensures that the user experience of the app improves enormously. For example, as soon as Cambodia B2B List you have completed an assignment, two dolls will dance for you, there will be fireworks, and you will receive a compliment if you have done it well.

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Congratulations compliment duolingo Cambodia B2B List neuromarketing You will also receive a compliment every time you answer a question correctly. Inundating with compliments may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but it’s motivating. 4. Reminders Everyone forgets something Cambodia B2B List sometimes and Duolingo knows that too. So if you miss your Spanish class, the app will send you a Cambodia B2B List reminder (although you can also turn it off). Zari streak motivation duolingo neuromarketing 5. Responding to emotions If you haven’t used Duolingo for a few days, you’ll get a notification on your phone from the.

Cambodia B2B List

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Duolingo owl that it won’t send you any Cambodia B2B List more messages, as the notifications seem to be of little use. Header Duolingo with green logo out The owl appears to be disappointed, rather than angry or pushy. People don’t like to disappoint others. This message can therefore persuade Cambodia B2B List people to pick up learning again. That’s a lot more effective than just stopping notifications. 6. Reward Cambodia B2B List Who wouldn’t want to get a reward after working hard? If you reward people for certain behavior, they tend to show it more often.

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