If you can capture the point of what attracts your audience. A blender might not sound so appealing. But it becomes interesting when you add some weird stuff, which they create into the “Will It Blend” video series, boosting the company’s sales by 700% in three years. Video from : Blendtec 5. Ebook Content Marketing Ebooks are another great way to create content quickly. and is a magnet to attract Great leads And can help solve customer problems Hubspot has been hugely successful in using ebooks as a magnet for many blog posts. And it’s a great way to build awareness of your brand. Example from Hootsuite Tools to easily manage each of your social meia channels.

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The website has articles, information, as well as many good ebooks that are useful. This is a great way to get the personal information readers nee to fill out before receiving the ebook file. Let’s read it. from the examples of all 5 types of content that we have given examples to watch It is a successful example and can be applie to businesses in all industries. Each New Zealand Phone Number type of content can help with different goals. Which we have to create content, adjust, see the results and apply. so that the results always develop in a better directionNowadays, if anyone talks about “Orange Apps”, everyone will think of the “Shopee” application, Thailand’s No. 1 e-commerce platform with 43 million downloads.

New Zealand Phone Number

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This application on their own mobile phone and Shopee is also a platform that many brands choose to open stores on this platform, today we will talk about why Shopee is an e-Marketplace. that every business owner should not miss WHAT IS E-MARKETPLACE? e-Marketplace or Electronic Marketplace is an online platform that connects buyers. and Buy Email List third-party sellers can market sell their products on the platform and can issue invoices to customers for direct purchases. It’s the e-commerce segment where the marketplace owner doesn’t own the inventory. or invoicing customers for purchases, but e-marketplace Serves to present other sellers’ products to consumers. And facilitating transactions, for example, Amazon and eBay are one of the marketplaces.

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