As you already know, originality and innovation are part of the pillars of the user experience.

For this reason, it is important to point towards the interactivity of the pages and platforms , so that they guarantee a dynamic, different and captivating experience.

Given this reality, a very appropriate step is the use of interactive content solutions , which allow the inclusion of animated resources and highly functional materials that attract attention in a practical way, such as:

E-books ;
calculators ;
Interactive templates;
video ;
white papers ;
Landing Pages;

For you to visualize it more precisely, we share with you a list of interactive

calculators that we produced in Rock Content!

ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator ;
Marketing Calculator (for budgets) ;
LTV (Lifetime Value) Calculator ;
And you can also interact with our CAC (Cost of Customer Acquisition) calculator, below:


Also, in addition to facilitating the VP Design Officers Email Lists development of interactive content, a solution of this type must promote the personalization of materials, adapting them to the user’s behavior when interacting with digital elements.

The flexibility of interactive pages makes the user actively participate in the content that is provided, since the page can change according to the answers and preferences that you indicate in your clicks.

If you want to learn more about interactive content and how they boost the user experience on your website, download our complete guide to the topic right away!

3. Use words and messages that captivate and excite

VP Design Officers Email Lists
To go one step beyond the functionality and the technical, you must develop actions aimed at humanizing the experience and evoking feelings.

This is where good UX Writing practices come into play. And it is that this element not only serves to order the content, guide the user and promote intuitiveness.

UX Writing also involves including words and messages in captions and small text fragments that manage to connect with the user and evoke their feelings .

Even within this concept is copywriting, the art of captivating and persuading through writing, which also includes calls to action to encourage the user to take favorable steps for the business process.

4. Share valuable content
The strategies and methodologies of attraction and organic positioning, promoted in recent years by Digital Marketing , also play a key role in the user experience.

Especially, Content Marketing can help fulfill two of the key pillars of UX: generate credibility and promote closeness and complicity.

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