An excellent technique to help them make up their mind. On the checkout page. They’ve shown items which when bundled with the current purchase will increase the order value which is again the right thing to do. And your customer will benefit too this way. Showing options at the final stage may confuse Philippines Phone Number the shopper. Wrap hopefully you have found these ways to increase your online store sales useful! Remember. That increasing the revenue of your ecommerce business doesn’t mean spending huge resources on advertising. Doing simple things the right way can help you grow profits.

Guest author: reshu rathi is the digital marketing manager at betaout. A customer segmentation and marketing automation platform for e-commerce. Her job is to create content & marketing campaigns to help e-commerce marketers personalize their marketing & increase conversion. When she’s not working she spends her time in reading and running not simultaneous although that’d be very impressive. You can follow Philippines Phone Number her on twitter or connect with her on linkedinwhether you’re having a face-to-face meeting with prospective clients. Or trying to market your brand with blog content. First impressions count. In fact. In the digital world brands often don’t get a second chance. Because online consumers have short attention spans and they’re already bombarded with hundreds of blog posts. Emails. Social media posts and advertisements every day.

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 According to research published in psychological science. It takes an average person a tenth of a second to form an impression about a stranger based on appearance and looks. However. As a blogger. It’s not just about making a strong first impression. Keeping your readers engaged and converting Philippines phone number them into subscribers and customers is equally important. Which is why. The moment a new visitor comes to your blog. You need to take them from one level of excitement to another. Sounds difficult right? Let me simplify this for you. Here are a few ways you can make complete strangers immediately fall in love with your blog and come to you every time they need help. 

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Blogging guide free download the ultimate guide to blogging for small business first name * email * download now . Make a strong first impression with powerful branding Philippines Phone Number excuse me for using this word repeatedly. But first impressions are just so important. What’s the first thing that shapes your blog’s perception when a stranger lands on your homepage? Your website design. Logo. The color theme – in short. The look and feel of your blog. According to reboot online.  of people are primarily visual learners who perceive things by looks before exploring them any further.

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So make sure your blog has a modern outlook and is compatible across different devices and platforms. You can use a premium responsive wordpress theme or hire a freelance designer from upwork or designs (especially for logo design) to get started. Here’s what a good. Clean and professional design looks Philippines Phone Number like. Make-a-strong-first-impression-with-powerful-branding-for-fall-in-love-with-your-blog “but jawad. Why should I listen to you? Seth godin. Google and so many other influencers and brands have ugly blogs and they still get millions of readers”. I know that voice in your head.

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