Now that you know the importance of investing in customer relationships. Let’s see why it’s even more important than closing sales.

Higher probability of future sales
Building a good relationship is something sustainable. For which it derives in future commercial benefits. Such as a greater probability of new sales .

On the other hand, if you focus directly on closing sales, without first. Educating, captivating and motivating the user, you may be. Able to generate a purchase through persuasion and insistence. But it could be the last one that person would make you.

And it is that if you do not consolidate the relationship and engagement., offering a pleasant shopping experience , your company will be valued. As one more of the bunch , which simply provides products. Or services and, consequently, can be replaced by another alternative at any time.

Fewer objections in closing sales

As we mentioned before, investing in customer relations is not giving up closing sales, but better preparing for it .

When this factor is taken into account, there are far fewer objections. When making a formal business proposal and the acceptance rate is much higher.

Customer value generation
Following this philosophy means educating, helping and supporting the consumer. On the other hand, if a single focus is closing sales, this will be .One more number, which will not maintain a long-term relationship with your business.

To generate this differentiated value, it is convenient to combine. The close contact that you can establish with the Payroll Directors Email Lists client in various. Communication channels with the analysis of data on their interactions. And the engagement that they have with your company, in systems such as crm .

In the end, if you have an app and your users spend many days without entering the platform to follow what you are contributing, it is a clear sign that they are feeling some pain that you are not healing.

Obtaining valuable information

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When companies relate to their customers and have a strong connection , they can receive constant and valuable feedback , which provides them with data and valuable information for the business process.

On the other hand, aiming directly at the closing of sales will make you skip all those previous interactions that allow you to get to know the public better , measure their reaction to different stimuli and develop knowledge that allows you to improve.

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