You are in a space of having nothing to lose. It can reveal itself when you there is a dissonance. A voice…a noise that keeps gnawing. The grating is so annoying that you have to make a move. So you start. But what is the difference between crash and burn or soar and succeed? The biggest reasons Tongliao phone number startups succeed (or fail) it’s a question I often ask myself and looking back on my own path there are some common threads that stood between success and failure. Bill gross decided to look at the data of hundreds of startups and discovered the key factors for success. This is what he discovered. 

The number one thing was timing. Timing accounted for  percent of the difference between success and failure. Team and execution came in second. And the idea.  The uniqueness of the idea. That actually came in third”. The other two factors? In descending order of correlation to success are business Tongliao phone number model and funding.  reasons for startup success graphic source: ted my first success was a communications company that I grew from zero to over $ million in  years. The primary reason I would put down to its exploding growth was timing. The opportunity came as the industry was deregulated just before we launched. This blog was launched in  when social media was just starting to scale (only  million on twitter) and blogging was just starting to be cool. Timing I believe was also key. 

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It is good to be one of the first kids on the block. One of the companies listed here had the good timing of launching soon after the apple app store opened then apple allowed Tongliao phone number notifications via sms. Its growth went exponential. What allows these startups to scale so fast? In the ’s aol was launched. But only  of the world was on the internet in  . Today we have over . billion people online (which is over ). Growth of the internet users in  graph source: internetlivestats here are are some of the major reasons companies can now grow exponentially. 

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Global market – access to billions of people the rise of the social web – you are able to publish in real time at scale without paying the old media gatekeepers smartphones – access to the Tongliao phone number internet no matter where you has allowed companies that are just websites. Apps and have no physical products to transform industries (eg. Uber and dropbox) low cost of developing applications and software – technology that was only available to large conglomerates is now reaching small business. Digital marketing automation is one example here. 

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 Digital start-ups that cracked the code taking it from zero to hero is not luck but needs great timing. We will take a look at a simple app that made it big. A new age publisher that is Tongliao phone number disrupting news and media and an online store that has challenged the billion dollar global conglomerates. What are some of the insights. Secrets and tactics that enabled these startups to succeed with no guarantees of success? . Whatsapp whatsapp began as a simple idea:

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