Of their blog is the “featured in” section that mentions names like hubspot. Marketingprofs. Search engine journal and moz. What’s your first impression? Must be an expert. Right? That’s what social proof does to your blog visitors. Even if they’ve never heard your name before. A testimonial from a Russia Phone Number leading industry figure or a publication will force them to take you seriously. They’d assume you’re an expert and give your content much more respect. You’ll find this strategy in action on almost every influencer’s blog (including jeff). 

Win-the-trust-of-your-readers-with-social-proof-for-fall-in-love-with-your-blog if you look closely. However. You’ll notice another subtle social proof used on jeff’s blog win-the-trust-of-your-readers-with-social-proof–for-fall-in-love-with-your-blog  million readers! What else does a stranger need to take Russia Phone Number him seriously? There are several ways to get your name on other authority sites. The most common. And the most effective one. Is guest blogging. Simply identify the top blogs in your niche. Study their content style. Create an epic blog post and offer it to your target blogs for free. Easy. Right? Not really. 

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Top-tier blogs receive hundreds of guest post pitches every single day. But they accept only the best ones. So to make it through to their editorial calendar. You need to create a high quality article – which of course requires a lot of time and effort. An alternate approach is to connect with influential Russia phone number bloggers who are already writing for these authority sites and ask them to feature you in their articles. You can do this on platforms like get reviewed. Which connects advertisers with influential bloggers. Myblogu and haro are also great platforms to connect with brands and influencers who can help you feature on the top blogs and get the word out about your brand. . 

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Create more infographics and video content to differentiate yourself more than  million blog posts are published on the web every day. You’re not competing with all of them. Of course. But that still gives you an idea of the amount of content. Mostly useless. Being published on the web. So even if your blog post has lots of value. A random visitor might never read that far to find the hidden gems in your content. Which is why you Russia Phone Number need to use more visual content to get noticed and get your message across quicker. Research shows that content with visual gets almost  more views. Create-more-infographics-and-video-content-to-differentiate-yourself-for-fall-in-love-with-your-blog infographics and videos. However. Are two visual content forms that not only receive the highest engagement but also go viral more frequently than plain text based posts. 

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However. Creating viral infographics and videos is a science that involves lots of different factors. Thankfully. Though. With so many free design tools like canva. Visme etc. Creating a high quality infographic isn’t very difficult. The same. However. Can’t be said about video content which still requires significantly Russia Phone Number more time. Budget and effort. But even if you don’t have a large budget. Even simple smartphone videos are good enough as long as you have something valuable to say. In short. Visual content could immediately put you ahead of your competitors and help you make a stronger impression on your audience.

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