Sales Teams We talked content and data ideas from the Growth Talk event: aligning marketing and sales teams, so that your business grows. Founder – CEO Whenever there was talk of growth, the focus has been on transactions. However, today we need a different approach , in which sales are not the only thing that defines our growth as companies. And we discuss this topic in the new edition of our Growth Talks, which is called: “Civil War? The difficulties of marketing and sales alignment” , and focuses on the challenges of convergence between the marketing and sales teams. Why do we need aligned teams?

Today the market is much more competitive and technology makes consumers change their habits quickly. It is no longer enough to go out, find and chase customers. We need something more to attract them to the business and much more to retain them and keep them coming back and recommending us to someone else. Many companies are still focused on this invasive business model and do not look towards a much more relational growth model where they seek to really connect with users and give them value.

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Their marketing and sales teams Cayman islands phone numbers and center them around the customer dramatically increase revenue compared to other companies that still report teams that don’t work that way. But what does it mean to have these teams aligned? Well, this alignment starts with something as basic but key as sharing the same goals. It also implies aligning expectations about what one area expects from the other and vice versa, as well as establishing clear processes to accompany the buyer throughout their purchase journey. sales and marketing team working together .The role of Growth in the alignment of marketing and sales .Today there is a new vision of what it means to grow.

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Definitely, you cannot grow with a business model from the previous century, but you have to think of a model where the customer is at the center of the business. It is no longer just about capturing more than one ideal client, but knowing how to take advantage of sales opportunities with the clients we already have. This naturally implies innovating in products and services, as well as improving sales processes. However, as I already mentioned, for this to be possible there needs to be an alignment between the Marketing, Sales and even Product teams. And a key process for achieving this goal is the Growth culture.

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Than ever to touch on this topic, since having teams working remotely has intensified that.  Line that divides not only Marketing and Sales teams , but all teams in general. When you don’t have a good remote work process, it’s very difficult for teams to work aligned. For a company to have a Growth mentality . It is not enough to have one person in the team thinking about growth.  But the entire organization must be aligned thinking about the same goal. And here technology plays a key role. It is also necessary to have tools that facilitate basic and fundamental.

Processes such as sharing information, dashboards and indicators. Technology must be the factor that unifies and makes it easier for teams to read . The same thing and bridge the gaps between them. Marketing person reviewing a dashboard on his laptop Impulse Growth Talks . The Growth Talks are a series of conferences where CEOs.  Managers and marketing and sales experts share their strategies, learnings and secrets about how their companies are developing, adapting and innovating in the midst of a complex and challenging context.

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