Uploaded to Slideshare: Wordcamp Madrid Csi: the Case of Nestor Angulo De Ugarte ‘S Backdoors Extra Anecdote: I Cheated a Bit. Since I Had Done a Proof of Concept at Wordcamp Zaragoza 2019. at the Beginning of the Year. Where I Also Talked About Backdoors. Although in This Case More About the Style of Creating These Backdoors. a Topic Perhaps More Geek Even If Possible. but It Helped Me to Get Good Feedback That Really Raises Interest. Especially the Detection Process That Has Been What I Have Put More Emphasis on This Time. If You’re Interested in Checking Out That Talk. It’s Available Here on WordPress TV as Well: Maria Acibeiro Maria Acibeiro 04/12/2019 Take Care of Your Website as It Deserves When You Have a Website and Your Business Depends Largely on It. You Have to Take Care of It as It Deserves.

Good WordPress Maintenance  Dominican Republic Phone Numbers   Requires Regular Work on Your Application to Make Sure Everything Is Up to Date and Working Properly. Publish a Website and Completely Forget About It. Mistake. Serious Mistake! WordPress Is the King of Cms and the Figures Confirm It . Being the Most Used Content Manager in the World Makes It an Easy Target for Hackers. Any Vulnerability or Bug in a Plugin. Theme or WordPress Core Itself Is the Best Opportunity for Any Malicious User to Take Advantage of It. They Can Quarantine Your Website. Delete All Your Content. and Worse. Endanger the Security of Your Customers. Eye! with This I Am Not Saying That WordPress Is Not Secure. There Is a Large Community Behind This Application That Works Voluntarily and in the Event of Any Vulnerability or Error That Is Detected.

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In the Work Groups and the Solution Appears Almost Immediately. There Are a Lot of Tasks That Are Necessary for WordPress Maintenance. So in This Post We Are Going to Collect the 8 Most Important Ones and the Ones That You Should Never Overlook. Let’s Start! 8 Essential Tasks for Good WordPress Maintenance If You Want to Keep Your WordPress and All of Your Work Safe. You Need to Make Sure You Perform These Maintenance Tasks on a Regular Basis. 1. Improve the Security of Your Passwords and Update Them. 2. Make Sure You Always Have a Recent Backup. 3. Update Plugins and Templates. 4. WordPress Core. Also Up to Date! 5. Beware of Spam. 6. Perform Malware Scans. 7. Check If You Have 404 Errors. 8. Monitor the Loading Times of Your Website. Now I Explain Each of Them in More Detail. 1.

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Improve the Security of Your Passwords and Update Them. We Start with the Easiest of All. Create a Strong Password (You Can Use a Password Generator Like Clavesegura.org ) and Remember Not to Use the Same One for Several Applications. Include Capital Letters. Numbers. Special Characters… Everything Is Not Enough to Create the First Security Barrier on Your Website. Using a Strong Password Is Just as Important as Updating It from Time to Time. Remember to Also Do the Same with the Password for Ftp. the Database or Cpanel. 2. Make Sure You Always Have a Recent Backup. Good WordPress Maintenance Always Involves Making Backup Copies of Your Website . It’s the Best Way to Have Your Back Covered. and If Something Goes Wrong. You Can Click Back.

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Having to Make Backups of Your Website Regularly Is Something That Makes Us Lazy and Takes Up Time. I Personally Hate It! That’s Why Using a Tool Like Godaddy Website Backup Can Be Your Savior. the Process Is Completely Automated and You Will Always Have Daily Backups of Your Website. All the Files. Folders and Databases of Your WordPress Will Always Be Safe. Protected and Available to Restore at the Click of a Button. 3. Update Plugins and Templates. WordPress Maintenance Update Plugins and Templates Every Time a Plugin or Template Update Is Released. It Usually Fixes Previously Detected Security Flaws That Can Put Your Website at Risk. So If a New Version Comes Out. Please Update! in Addition. These New Versions Usually Include Improvements and Features .

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