That the eventual transition can lead Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number to loss in positions, traffic and therefore turnover. It is important to let the new domain name build up value by running the new and old websites side by side. Only when the results of the new website are good enough can the old website be referred. It must be ensured Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number that the websites do not have duplicate content. Also read: SEO research: the influence of authority on organic positions in Google The backlink profile of the old website should Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number be looked at. Adopting this for the new website is already a first step.

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Then the content of the old website Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number should be redirected to the new one. Finally, Google Webmaster Tools must indicate that the domain has been moved. SEO Disaster 4. Delete The annual cleaning round of the website can have very unpleasant consequences. It is decided that the website no longer has the Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number right appearance and major changes are made. Entire pieces of content are rewritten or pages are removed. The consequences for your SEO will only become apparent later, after you Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number check the rankings or receive notifications in webmaster tools that a large part of the website no longer exists.

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The biggest problem is that it never Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number returns to the old. Be part of all processes that affect the content of the website. You shouldn’t stop anything, maybe encourage it, but you should be aware of it. In this way Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number it can be ensured that pages that have to be removed receive a correct redirect and that rewritten text retains the correct SEO focus. SEO Disaster 5. Google Slack Both with SEA and SEO, Google can decide to take you out of the SERPs. The reasons for this are very diverse. Google’s Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number slogan is “don’t be evil”; don’t be evil. You don’t have to be the best in class.

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