Amp up your retargeting on social media it’s annoying. It’s expensive. It works. Retargeting works on the principle of effective frequency. I.E. The exposure of your audience to your message must range between inadequate and wasteful. Thomas smith. Author of successful advertising. Got it right way back in . Mexico Phone Number If you want to create a leak-proof sales funnel. Make sure your customers see your ads on all relevant sites. If they ever happen to leave your site without buying (or subscribing. Or downloading). Baremetrics used retargeting to acquire customers for as little as $ on facebook and $ with banner ads. Nothing exceptional. You might think. Until you realize that a single customer is worth $ to them. 

That isn’t exceptional. That is phenomenal! Baremetrics caters to startups and ecommerce companies. So it was natural for them to advertise on websites that offered startup advice. Marketing tips. Etc. That is a highly targeted approach considering baremetrics is a saas-based analytics tool that focuses on Mexico Phone Number revenue and customer growth metrics. Crazy egg has been doing something similar for a long time. But their approach is a bit different. What makes their retargeting campaign equally effective is that they follow you almost everywhere for a few days. And then for months on certain websites. Until you are forced to consider their tool. 

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Amp-up-your-retargeting-on-social-media-for-ways-to-nurture-leads image source: psychology today now. Both of the above examples apply to people who visit your website. What about targeting those folks who see your content but have never been to your website? That’s where social network-specific Mexico phone number retargeting comes to the rescue. For instance. Facebook remarketing ads allow you to define an audience based on their interaction with your content. So. If someone liked a page. Post or video that you promoted. You can start serving them targeted ads the next time they get on facebook. 

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Of course. You can target customers or visitors to your site or app by including them in a “custom audience” on facebook. What’s more. Even if someone hasn’t visited your page or website or seen your content. But share similar interests and characteristics. You can reach them on facebook with the “lookalike audience” feature. Amp-up-your-retargeting-on-social-media–for-ways-to-nurture-leads “retargeting” can be taken to Mexico Phone Number mean not only users who’ve engaged with your content. But any content in your industry. A friend started getting a tea company’s ads in her feed five minutes after she looked up a competitor: amp-up-your-retargeting-on-social-media–for-ways-to-nurture-leads while you can’t directly target all of your competitors’ fans on 

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Facebook. You can target people who have “expressed an interest in or liked a page related to” a specific business using the “interests” field. With a little bit of testing and tweaking. You can create an ideal retargeting campaign for any of your owned digital properties. You just need to understand your Mexico Phone Number audience’s content taste and consumption habits to make your campaign a success. Repeated exposure will ensure your leads start converting. Pro tip: while you’re at it. Also include social proof in the form of details of your current customers in your retargeting campaigns. Smiling faces of happy customers might just tilt the balance in your favor. 

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