Since that first job in the computer center, I was in charge of systems at a major hotel. During the last year of my degree, I got a job developing software at an international consulting firm. After 10 years of developing and leading projects, I decided that I wanted to do something else, I trained, got certified and started implementing SAP in companies of all kinds and fields until a colleague challenged me to enter the Salesforce world. At first I dismissed the idea because I was happy doing what I did… But curiosity got the better of me and I started to spy what the world of Salesforce that my colleague was talking about was about.

I discovered the incredible culture of the company and its values, which finally convinced me to change the ecosystem. This was almost two years ago, today as TAM (Technical Account Manager) at Salesforce, I am the facilitator between Salesforce and clients on issues related to the technical management of their organizations, and as part of our Equality Group Genforce team I work for the inclusion of all ages and all career stages. Looking back, perhaps I would change some of my decisions, but never that of having decided to dedicate myself to science and technology, which have given me so much satisfaction throughout my life.

What Was The Most Difficult

Challenge for you to overcome in your professional Indonesia phone number career? The great permanent challenge in my professional career was to reconcile my professional goals with my personal goal of starting a family. In general, women still have the main responsibilities of family care on our shoulders, which implies a lot of energy, time and effort. By prioritizing my family goals, I had to postpone study, career goals within companies, etc. The road was not and is not a straight line for me.

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How did I manage to feel fulfilled in life with a beautiful family and a beautiful professional career? First and foremost, having a life partner by my side who always supported my professional growth, also keeping my objectives and priorities clear and non-negotiable in the long term, with resilience. And on the other hand, having study spaces like the UTN that allowed me to study at night while during the day I took care of my family and work.

So Grateful For This Possibility

I hat I dedicated myself to being a teacher there for 6 years in return for everything . I received for free, it will always be in a place in my heart. What would you say to someone who is thinking of starting a career in the IT sector? That IT is a fascinating world, full of incredible opportunities and fields of application for all tastes. That the main ingredients needed are curiosity and a commitment to lifelong learning. That they will never be bored and that they will never lack a job offer and a good salary.

I would tell them to start now! The future is written by doing and it is never too late to start a career in IT. If you are a woman and you dedicated yourself to your family .  And your children are starting to build their own lives, they probably don’t need you full time anymore… And if you ever dreamed of a place in IT or are dreaming it now… Come on , you can! Many of us could! Do not give up! Based on your experience, what could we do from our place as women to contribute to achieving full and equal access and participation in science for women and girls? We can take care of giving visibility to opportunities .

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