First of all, we must remember that support not only attends to. The client when the website has a problem, but also executes. A series of actions in order to guarantee its good performance. Let us now see each of them.

WordPress update
Wordpress updates are necessary for a website or. Blog to continue to function properly within the cms.

However, depending on the contracted server, these updates do not need. To be done manually through the dashboard. In rock stage, you don’t have to worry about this, as you can request them.

Cache service on CDN

Although the cache is important for navigability , cleaning from time to time is also necessary.

So much so that, whenever we have problems accessing a website, one of. The first indications we receive is to clear the cache.

In rock stage, the caching service is performed on the cdn so that. In this way, we can reduce latency during the process of storing copies. Of the files in a cache or local temporary storage , making them more quickly accessible. .

Weekly antivirus run
Rock stage’s antivirus is run once a week to keep the website secure. Invasions in wordpress can occur from malicious scripts that reach the website, usually through:

Outdated plugins;
Pirated plugins or from dubious sources;
Outdated themes;
Pirate themes or dubious sources;
Use of weak passwords.
These invasions do not usually happen with. A purpose (for example, a competitor’s attempt to Australia School Email Lists take down your website ). Malware is simply maliciously introduced through the aforementioned routes and others.

In the event that a threat is detected, a report is generated indicating. Which files are infected, so that the client can take the necessary actions.

Contrary to other hosts, the infected website is not disabled. And you are given guidance on how to clean it properly.

security protocols

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Rock stage has protocols in place to protect your website. For example, if three wrong login attempts are made through. An ip, it is blocked.

Another example, the scan performed by the antivirus captures more. Than 90% of the types of virus, that is, the main ones that exist in the world.

Another protocol is related to wordpress backup restoration, essential to protect. Your website files, especially when the worst happens: a virus deletes all your content.

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