After months of waiting, Dreamforce ’17 has come and gone in the blink of an eye. It was four days packed with lectures, sessions, hands-on training, inspiring discussions with some of the world’s biggest stars, and much more. There’s so much to see in Dreamforce, but (sadly) it’s impossible to clone yourself and be in multiple places at the same time. So if you missed something, here are the top 10 moments from Dreamforce ’17. 10. Trailblazers from all over the world joined us Although Dreamforce is physically located in San Francisco, millions of Trailblazers from around the world joined us via video and live streams through Salesforce LIVE .

The videos included not only the best sessions and talks, but also interviews with innovators , visionaries , and activists who are using the Customer Success Platform to further improve their industries and the world at large. 9. Customers put innovation center stage Amidst the sea of ​​booths at Cloud Expo, some of our top customers set up their own in the camping area. Leading innovative brands like adidas, Girl Scouts, 21st Century Fox, KONE, Solve Your Debt , Citi and UCSF showed how their companies are innovating around the world with Salesforce. Watch adidas CEO Kasper introduce the new adidas app and share the company’s vision for creating a premium digital experience to connect with customers across all touchpoints.

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Learning everywhere Earning new Belarus phone numbers Trailhead badges, hands-on training and coding camps for kids, Dreamforce is more , it’s a place to learn new skills from fellow Trailblazers. At Trailhead Academy , experts helped others with hands-on training, and the Trailhead Zone was buzzing all week with attendees earning hundreds of Trailhead badges, learning how to code, and passing Salesforce Certification exams. At the management conference, one lucky Trailblazer won the coveted Golden Trailblazer Hoodie — congratulations, Scott ! 7. We adopt the Trailheart formula We learned the #Trailheart formula: Be human.

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Have fun. Be strong. Give back. Thousands of Trailblazers embraced this formula and gave back throughout Dreamforce week. In addition to raising $15 million for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals at Dreamfest, attendees who participated in the Dreamforce Quest raised $1 million for Girl Scouts, Upwardly Global and World Vision. The Trailblazers had the opportunity to donate their time each day on activities like packing backpacks for hurricane victims. Throughout the week, our attendees applied the Trailheart values ​​and embraced the opportunity to give back to others.

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Therefore, trailblazers Equality was a major theme at Dreamforce, and nowhere was it more . Visible than at the Equality Summit, which included a present . Ationand interviews with special guests. Two Hollywood personalities, Taraji P. Henson and Natalie Portman.  Were part of this year’s Equality Summit, taking the stage to share their own stories and inspire others. During the “Changing the Face of Entertainment” conference . Henson shared some laughs and tears as he recounted how he has fought . Stereotypes his entire career, and how he continues to fight for others.

In “The Path to Equal Pay,” Portman recounted her own experience with .  The pay gap between her male colleagues, and how she is fighting to close the pay gap in Hollywood. .  Technology as a force for good In one of the most emotional . And inspiring hours of the entire week, actor and innovator Ashton Kutcher took . However, the stage to talk about using technology to combat some of the toughest problems in our modern world. Kutcher is the co-founder of Thorn , which forms alliances with different industries to combat . Child trafficking and exploitation through the power of technology. Inspired by Bono’s quest to eradicate AIDS, Kutcher decided to “hang up the phone and be that person who helps.”

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