Companies are increasingly striving to provide more connected customer service experiences , but to achieve this, it is necessary to cover different areas and processes. Salesforce solutions offer tighter integration as all applications ( CRM , Customer Service, Marketing, and others) run on a single platform. Therefore, all the information is in one place, which simplifies the work of, for example, a marketing professional , who can easily and completely visualize their campaigns and know if they will generate leads and opportunities. With this structure, hierarchies of customer accounts and contact relationships allow for deeper visibility.

Products like Sales Cloud , Service Cloud , Pardot , Community Cloud , Health Cloud , Financial Services , and Lightning Platform use the same data model, called Standard and Custom Objects . In addition to working together, the data is available in Einstein Analytics and the Salesforce Mobile app , allowing for seamless integration. Salesforce Consumer Solutions The omnichannel experience is a reality for many companies. Brands like Amazon have raised the bar for comprehensive and integrated customer support across all platforms .

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Offers applications in the areas Germany phone number of marketing , customer service and e- commerce  . But working together these solutions continues to present challenges. But then what is Salesforce Customer 360 and how does it work? Salesforce Customer 360 is a cloud-based technology solution that aims to help businesses provide . A unified customer experience that easily connects Service Cloud. A  Marketing Cloud, and Commerce Cloud , as well as other third-party applications. These are different functionalities that are being tested and implemented to improve processes . Such as the registration of clients with personal Service Cloud accounts and the assignment of an identification to each client . Which allows to easily relate the records of the same person in different systems.

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Customer 360 creates and stores a customer’s profile and acts as a hub that exchanges data and events across systems as needed. Customer 360: connected customer experiences Salesforce teams are creating innovative resources and experiences with Customer 360 . Below we present examples that illustrate some advantages and differentials of this initiative: The Service Cloud Agent Console will include a reconciled customer profile, Commerce Cloud order and shopping cart data, plus the ability to place orders on behalf of a customer, all supported by Customer 360; Marketing Cloud will be able to initiate abandoned cart journeys, activated by Commerce Cloud and powered by Customer 360; A trusted connections between apps and Salesforce divisions.

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And stay informed about what’s new in Salesforce Customer 360 coming next year. See also the study on Trends in Integrated Customer Experiences .the lights on and inspire change With Srinivas Nadendla, Director and Systems Specialist, and Venktesh Maudgalya, Director of Product Management, Enterprise Integration. Many sweeping changes have been made to the IT function within companies. Finding the balance between keeping the lights on, looking for the next technological innovation, and helping drive business strategy can be tricky. Here Srinivas Nadendla and Venktesh Maudgalya discuss how they handle the demands of that dual duty.

Srinivas: My team is responsible for keeping one of the largest Salesforce orgs (Org62) active at all times. In the everyday sense, that means addressing user queries and requests, and taking care of technical debt. It is the aspect of the technical debt in which they must work the most.  But, in return, it is the one that offers the greatest opportunities for innovation.  Therefore, that aspect is probably the least problematic for my team . Since our role is to ensure that all systems are interconnected. click-based user interface for app and data management that will enable admins to establish Because we are a cloud-based company . And because our ecosystem, products, and platform are all in the cloud.  Interaction is absolutely critical to keeping systems up and running.

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