No website design is complete without a header and footer. It is no exaggeration to say that they play a major role in providing a great user experience by enabling better website navigation. Not only that, but they are essential tools for promoting the brand of the website and they are perfect for placing CTAs. In the past, tasks such as removing the space between header and body in WordPress required going into the theme’s PHP files. Now, this task has become much easier with Elementor’s theme builder. Let’s take a closer look at how Elementor Theme Builder gives you a powerful way to edit your site’s header and footer, visually designing it the way you want. Take header navigation a step further by creating a mega menu

How to Edit Your WordPress Header in Elementor

What is a header? A website header is the top area of ​​your web page. Usually the header is consistent across your entire site. However, there are also websites that have different headers for different sections of the website.

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The header can also play an important role in promoting your company’s brand identity. incorporating

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elements such as the company logo, typography, colors and general brand language. Headers also contain functional options such as site navigation, site search, a shopping cart (for shopping sites), call-to-action (CTA) buttons, and other functions. that improve user experience and increase conversion rates. What is a footer? A footer is an area at the bottom of a web page. Like headers, they generally appear consistently throughout the website, across all pages and across all posts. Footers often get pretty marginal attention, which is really wasted potential since the footer repeats itself on every page of the site. They are just as important as headers. Your footer design, depending on the settings you choose, may display useful and important information, such as newsletter sign-up, copyright information, terms of use, and privacy. , a sitemap, contact information, maps, website navigation and more. How to Edit Your WordPress Header in Elementor

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