Do you know how many videos are consumed every day. To get an idea word stream points out that more than 500. Million hours of video are watched every day on youtube. While a third of all online activity recorded. In 2017 corresponded to watching videos .Numbers like this are what have led brands to want to occupy these spaces. Carrying their campaigns since we are talking about. A format that is experiencing an important boom. Not only among consumers but also among advertisers. Hubspot indicates that worldwide percent of the marketers. Switzerland Whatsapp Number List  See video as the type of content with the best return. On investment if your company is already one of those that. Take advantage of video marketing it may be essential. To know how to obtain better results since it is.

Do you know what these aspects are if you pursue such

Do you know what these aspects are if you pursue such. An objective generate conversions with your video ads. Switzerland Whatsapp Number List Think with google recommends considering the following. Let the data determine the best creative. Hook at this point, the importance of a brand knowing. Its audience very well in order to develop an appropriate. Creative proposal stands ou the foregoing is due. To the fact that the first seconds of a video are decisive. Switzerland Whatsapp Number List To captivate the viewer’s attention but not only. For psychological reasons but also because as they. Are ads that regularly appear. In a pre-roll after 5 seconds they can be skipped.

For this reason it is recommended that to capture

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For this reason it is recommended that to capture. And maintain their attention work with quick cuts or very dynamic. Scenes that encourage them to execute actions. For example integrating a countdown. To take advantage of an offer work clear instructions. Although everything is very dynamic and creative in your. Video it is essential to make it clear what action. You want them to execute if they are interested. In what you offer with your video ad therefore. Switzerland Whatsapp Number List It is of the utmost importance that you include a good. Call to action to drive conversions. Use personalized targeting to reach your you must not forget. To properly configure these direct response ads when launching.

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