One of the most important brands of condoms in argentina is carrying out a very interesting digital campaign that is worth knowing. Buenos aires, argentina.- advertising in times of social networks is neither easier nor more difficult than before, it is different. You just have to know how to adapt to the new codes. This is a great example. Since social networks became an almost inseparable part of interpersonal communication, many things have changed. Maldives B2B List Phone calls were largely replaced by text messages.

Which later morphed into voice messages and

Which later morphed into voice messages and. In the future something else the same thing happened. With over-the-air tv pay tv and now netflix and. Company. Maldives B2B List In this context of permanent change. The brand-consumer connection was also modified. And the ways of contacting customers old or potential. Varied this example of the condom brand tulipán. And the agency bbdo argentina. Is very interesting because it shows how they adapted. Maldives B2B List How they kept doing the same thing as before.

But in a different way the message the connection

Maldives B2B List

But in a different way the message the connection. With the client, the concept is the same but the channel, the vehicle to reach the target audience has been modified. See the community manager, that damn marketing geniusin this bbdo video you can see in detail how they developed the campaign on the networks. Is a brand accustomed to graphics and to talking about what people talk about,” they explained from the agency. “But the graphics are no longer on the street, Maldives B2B List they are on the networks.


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