Not sure how to update WordPress safely? The core WordPress software, along with your themes and plugins, is a constant work in progress. If you want access to the latest features and keep your site safe and functioning, you should apply updates promptly as they are released. In this article, we’ll help you do just that with a deep dive into WordPress updates and how to perform them safely. Here is everything we will cover in this article: An Introduction to WordPress Updates Basic Update Best Practices (Backups and Transfer) How to update the basic software How to update plugins and themes How to Update WordPress PHP Version WordPress Updates 101: What You Need to Know Before we get into the tutorial, let’s quickly review what you need to update and how things work. What are the different types of WordPress updates? When it comes to WordPress itself, there are three main parts of your site that you need to update: The basic software plugins Themes There are also translation file updates, but WordPress will handle them for you automatically. For basic software updates, you can break things down into major and minor releases : Major releases (version number XX, e.g. 5.1) –

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these add new user-facing features and development APIs. Minor releases (version number XXX, e.g. 5.1.2) – these add security patches or minor bug fixes and improvements). How fast should you apply WordPress updates? In general, you should try to apply WordPress updates as quickly as possible. Many updates contain important security fixes or bug fixes, so not applying them may Iceland Phone Number leave your site vulnerable to attack or have other problems. However, the urgency with which you apply updates depends on the update in question. For major software updates, the priority depends on the type of update: Major releases – they only add new features, so you can safely wait to apply them. Your site won’t be any less secure if you wait a few weeks

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– you simply won’t have access to the latest features until you update. Minor releases – these usually include security or bug fixes, so you’ll want to apply them as soon as possible. For critical security updates, your site may be vulnerable if you wait. For plugin and theme updates Paragraphs also help readers to scan your text more easily. When people end up on a page, they rarely just start reading the article from start to finish. They first want to see what they can expect before spending a lot of time reading the entire text. People tend to scan headings and the first sentences of every paragraph. By breaking up your text into paragraphs that reflect the topics you’re addressing, people will be able to get a good grasp of what your article is about in no time.

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