Have you always wanted to try something new with your website? Maybe to add a new plugin, change the theme or do a complete overhaul of your design? But alas, you fear that a mistake here or there will break your website and render it unusable. You fear that by implementing new changes, you will drive your users away from the website, and this fear limits your desire for discovery and experimentation. Well, fear no more. There’s a way to do everything you want on your website, make it profitable, and it won’t affect your users’ experience. Everything you need from a staging site. This step-by-step guide will be written assuming that your WordPress website is already up and running. If, however, you don’t know how to create a WordPress site, we have a great tutorial that can help you. Learn how to create a subdomain for your staging site

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What is a WordPress Staging Site? A staging site is, in essence, a clone of your live website. It’s an environment we create in which we can experiment and test our website before it goes live so that your live site is not affected. Here you can fix issues like bugs and plugin conflicts or try something new like changing the theme, adding new plugins and code snippets, all without an ounce of risk. And, once Algeria Phone Number you are done with all the changes and updates, you can easily upload them to the live server. The importance of a transit site To understand the importance of a staging site, let’s use the drug test as an analogy. The best place to develop a drug would be a lab, where you have complete control of the environment and materials.

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Later, once we get it working, it’s ready to go to its first trials, where we test the drug on subjects. When it comes to building a website, the locale or staging site is our laboratory. This is where we have the highest level of control we could hope for. The online environment or live site is more like the trial phase. This is where the environment is less predictable and offers more realistic and practical variables. Using a staging site has several advantages. Repair There are no perfect websites. No matter how hard you try, there will always be a WordPress error here or there. You may have plugin conflicts, bugs, and other unsavory technical issues. Obviously you want to correct them. But, you know, sometimes you solve one problem

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