Instagram the most popular visual social network. In the social media market is constantly looking to enhance. What it offers its user base by improving itself. In fact a few days ago it implemented. Two modifications to its platform the nametags. Still in the approval process for all users and focus which. Is already available but is not suitable for all mobile. Devices it is true that most of the features. Have as an initiative in from other types of networks. It is questioned that these changes have been copies. Especially of snapchat but a situation. That can be highlighted is how instagram has been able to adapt. Correctly both for advertisers and users these can be leveraged. French Business Fax List Commercially as more than ever digital consumers. Are choosing to have more visual content that is eye.

Although there is no formula for success it is a fact that posts

Although there is no formula for success it is a fact that posts. And stories serve to connect with users the implements. French Business Fax List  That it makes try to improve its commercial content. Social network data shows that they. Have just over 800 million users and according to onmicore. 500 million of them are within it on a daily basis. Above the competition they have an audience. Almost four times larger and this must be taken advantage of. The mode focuses on a new portrait mode that. Will make stories more effectiv 25 million people see. This section daily of which 25 million. French Business Fax List Are made by brands and ads by having this feature. Your instagram stories business model will look. Like a professional portrait without the need. For fancy or expensive equipment.

The last option of the stories is added to other popular ones

French Business Fax List

The last option of the stories is added to other popular ones. Such as boomerang or superzoom. As the name suggests. It focuses on a subject’s face while blurring the rest or. Background of the photo creating a professional depth.-of-field effect this can be done from the front. And rear cameras how to use it before the arrival. Of the ‘sharpen’ mode a special external application. Was needed to give a certain degree of blurriness. To the background of a photo.This option. Now takes advantage of background segmentation. And face detection technology. French Business Fax List At the moment of finding a face what you capture remains in focus. While the background is softly blurred. This can be used for business pages since the.

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