You can find several types of interactive content . To choose the best one, you first need to know your audience. And develop your digital marketing strategy .

Start by creating your buyer persona — it. Can even be more than one if your audience is diverse. This semi-fictional character is the one who will guide all your content.

Here are some tips to help you get the best results!

Focus on utility

Ask yourself the following: is this content really useful? Does it ask a question or solve a specific question for my audience?

Don’t just focus on what matters to your business. You have to put yourself. In the place of your clients to be able to explore their doubts and needs.

Create educational materials and distribute them for free. Users are the ones who should be interested in them in the first. Place and if they are willing to share them with friends, even better.

The Finance Directors Email Lists more valuable your content, the faster you will gain visibility. And impact the buyer’s journey. Remember to simplify all instances of interaction. For example extensive forms with many questions do not usually work.

Continuity and consistency

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Focus on helping your clients achieve their goals. It’s important to map out the likely next step they’ll take. So we can optimize our interactive content along the way.

Although the first stage is essential, your products must be attractive in all of them. The interactive contents that are at the top of the funnel. But that are not developed, can cause the navigator to give up .

You have to attract and continue to add value with new experiences. Do not forget that this relationship goes beyond the buyer’s journey. You also need to strengthen the bond in the post- sale.

Turn data into experiences
Digital transformation means, among other things, adapting everything to realize data-driven strategies. SaaS companies are already very familiar with this idea, so use this to your advantage.

Collect data from the sales team to identify the most common questions from the audience. This can be the basis of your interactive content strategy, as it helps you create personalized paths for each client.

Keep in mind that it is necessary that, in addition to connecting your marketing team with this idea, you also do it with the sales team , support and with any other department that generates data that can be used.

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