And so when I finally it, I found a lot of links were broken. In some cases, the tools and services no longer , while in others they had over by dubious operators. I also had links to sites that I no longer recommend. So when you create your own resource page, be sure to check it regularly to make sure you’re linking to the right content. How to create your own resource page Ideally, your resources page should be comprehensive enough to be as useful to your readers as possible. But you don’t have to wait for link pages before creating it.

When I Finally Started Updating Mine,

I added new resources every week or so for a year. And before you say “I can’t create a resource page because I don’t use any tools”, you can list many other resources, such as:services you recommend learning resources you used books and ebooks you love courses you have taken other blogs you find useful forums you visit frequently. And if you’ve created opt-in incentives , you can add links to those as well. Philippines Photo Editor About these affiliate links While it’s nice to make some money from your resource page through affiliate links, I suggest you use them sparingly.

Philippines Photo Editor

Your Referrals Should Be Genuine, Useful, and Comprehensive

not just those related to any affiliate program. And like I said earlier, your readers will also appreciate the fact that you created it to help them rather than just to make money. If you have affiliate links in your resources page, you must state this. For example, here’s what I have on my own resource page:Note : Many links on this page are affiliate links, and ProBlogger will earn a small commission if you sign up for the services .

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