The most viewed municipal products and Find Your Phone Number services. (both electronically and purely for informational purposes, e.g. how to renew a passport). There is a lot of overlap with Jan van Dijk’s list, but there are also Find Your Phone Number differences. For example, applying for a household waste pass is something that will not happen in many municipalities. Sending an e-mail message falls outside the scope of the registered data, but will probably also be an important task in Amsterdam. And apparently Find Your Phone Number many Amsterdammers would like to hold their municipality liable… Research top tasks other information.

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Our own research has focused on the other Find Your Phone Number information that people are looking for on the city district site. You can make a survey of a website’s top tasks as extensive as you want. Ideally, you conduct stakeholder interviews and online surveys, view statistics and entered keywords, create lists of top tasks Find Your Phone Number and reduce them to a list of the most important. That is an extensive exercise. What applies to much research also applies here: you can often go very far with a somewhat more Find Your Phone Number limited approach. That’s better than doing nothing if the ideal approach is too expensive or time-consuming.

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Visitor figures 2011. We have added together Find Your Phone Number how often a subject was viewed (for example Floraparkbad: numbers 5, 8, 13, 15 and other pages). We also looked at the visitor numbers of the individual pages. See the ‘Top Tasks’ table below. For our research, we looked at the following Google Analytics data for 2011: the Find Your Phone Number 100 most viewed pages; the keywords entered in the internal search engine: what did people search for via this search engine? the keywords that led people to the website. We mainly used the most viewed pages and looked at whether people entered keywords that indicated Find Your Phone Number searches that were not covered by these pages. We assumed that this way no top tasks would go unnoticed.

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