Facebook published detailed guidelines on what it allows, to post and not to post on its social network. Pages that if you are in digital marketing you should read. Mark zuckerberg ‘s social network. Has had some credibility issues since the cambridge analytica. Scandal broke the numbers on wall street continue to be negative. For facebook and each point below the forecast. Is equivalent to millions and millions of dollars. While it has managed to recover some of what it lost during. The crash in late march, the stock appears to have stabilized. Around $165, down $15 from the $180 it had averaged. Buy Panama Whatsapp Numbers Since november 2017 facebook stock evolution nov 2017 / apr 2018. Investing.Com in this context facebook for the first. Time published detailed guidelines on what. Can and cannot be published on its service.

It’s 27 Pages Worth It Says While the World’s Most Popular

It’s 27 pages worth it says while the world’s most popular. Social network had already banned most of these actions. Buy Panama Whatsapp Numbers On its previous community standards page they were general. Standards now, point out each thing that you understand. Should not appear on your walls. In detail threatening. Violence sexual violence promoting terrorism poaching. Endangered species buying marijuana. Selling firearms listing prescription drug prices for sale. Posting instructions to depicting minors in a sexual context. And even committing multiple homicides. Are things that cannot be talked about on facebook. These updated community standards reflect the rules that. Buy Panama Whatsapp Numbers Facebook’s 7,600 moderators use to review questionable. Posts and then decide whether they should be removed. Even to determine if they should call the authorities.

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The standards themselves have not changed but the details

The standards themselves have not changed but the details. Have which are much more specific and exemplary. For example facebook says that photos of breasts. Are allowed in some cases such as. In the case of breastfeeding or in a painting. But not in others the document spells out what counts as. Sexual exploitation of adults or minors but leaves. Room to ban more forms of abuse. Should they arise these are the facebook community guidelines . The rules are now more specific when it comes to kills. Facebook does not allow serial or mass. Murderers and its new standards even define the term. Buy Panama Whatsapp Numbers We consider a homicide to be a mass murderer if in one. Incident they cause four or more deaths. A serial killer for us is anyone who. Has committed two or more murders in multiple incidents.

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