For cms it is very important to have skills. In social media advertising and content marketing. Social networks have become an essential. Part of the lives of millions of people and. Also, for the digital marketing strategy of a large. Number of brands that understand that this type. Of platform is a channel to establish interaction and build a bond with their audiences. The importance of social networks in companies has reached the point that 8 out of 10 have a profile on platforms such as facebook, Singapore B2B List twitter, linkedin and youtube in mexico.

According to the mexican internet association

According to the mexican internet association. Hence, the position of the community manager. Is also positioned as a fundamental piece in the brand’s. Singapore B2B List Marketing and public relations team. This position is in charge of managing a large number. Of activities related to various areas or specializations. They are creative marketing agents focused on. Increasing engagement that the voice to address. Public relations or solve a crisis in social networks. whenever,Establishing the link between the company. Singapore B2B List And the consumer is not.

Much less transmitting the values ​​and philosophies

Singapore B2B List

Much less transmitting the values ​​and philosophies. inasmuch as,of the brand through playful. attractive publications with a powerful message. For this reason, cms must include a great diversity of competencies , but which ones do they give the highest priority to? Data from the research department of merca2.0 reveal that 75.8 percent focus greater efforts on increasing their knowledge of advertising on social networks, this allows them to build attractive messages but with enough information to establish contact with the audience in Singapore B2B List order to motivate their interaction.

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