In the middle of 2018 fake news on the internet continues. To be a focus of attention that has not been treated. With due care a post on facebook a tweet from. A profile without a picture on twitter. An edited photo or a sequence of stories on instagram. Digital platforms are an almost inexhaustible source for spreading. Incoherent communication but with a specific meaning. The problem is when it affects the digital advertising. Content of brands and companies and the way they operate. Since the impact it can have translates directly. Into the communication they maintain with the. Singapore Business Fax List People who follow them according to pewresearch. People searching for information online estimate.

It is important to clarify this point since web browsing

It is important to clarify this point since web browsing. Can have an impact in influencing user decisions. Finding rumors to be true digital nature is to share. Singapore Business Fax List It and for this social networks are used in a general. Way which goes hand in hand with the adoption. Of new technologies the edelman trust barometer. 2018 reveals that for 80 percent of users the spread. Of false news through the media works as a weapon. For decision-making for its part the ‘trust in news report. Singapore Business Fax List By kantar media indicates that the effects of fake news. Fall directly on reputation. Since having a series of actions that were subsequently.

Social networks are making an effort to put an

Singapore Business Fax List

Social networks are making an effort to put an. End to the spread of false news but it is a fact that the. Situation continues to grow the frequency with which. These false headlines infiltrate social networks. And the internet is alarming. According to statista. A third of users claim to have seen fake news. On sites like facebook or twitter more than once a day. In a platform survey. 17 percent of users agreed that social networking. Sites should be more responsible for ensuring people are. Singapore Business Fax List Not exposed to fake news it indicates that. 14 percent of people admit. To having deliberately shared a fake news story.

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