The rules of advertising and branded content have changed. A situation that could forever change the rules of influencer. Marketing not only on facebook but also on instagram. Influencer marketing is a practice that is becoming. More and more common among companies. Initially, brands find important benefits in these actions. Both in terms of branding and business. In this sense 59 percent of the companies affirm. That they will increase their investments in influencer marketing. Campaigns during the next twelve months according. To data from burst media with the main objectives of optimizing. Branding actions 33 percent percent as well as increase customer. Loyalty and retention 31 percent according to data. This in principle, has to do with the preference of audiences.

Percent of Consumers Worldwide Believe in Traditional

Percent of consumers worldwide believe in traditional. Paid commercial communication both on and offline platforms. 92 percent say they trust earned promotions that is to say. Buy India Whatsapp Numbers In that type of advertising that the brand does not fully. Control and that depends on the daily use that the targets make. Of online spaces and social networks influencer. Marketing campaigns have the potential to generate. In earned media exposure for every spent on paid media. According to a recent study by burst media. Although this is a reality. It is also necessary to consider that the latest changes. In the algorithms of the main social networks have rewarded. The use and popularity of this type of strategy. The clearest example. Is the recent changes to the facebook algorithm. With the change in the algorithm and before the rule of favoring.

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Despite the Fact That the Modifications in the Platform Privilege

Despite the fact that the modifications in the platform privilege. Interactions due to the demand for privacy and security. For users, the rules of advertising and brand content. Have changed, a situation. That could change the rules of influencer marketing. Forever not only on facebook but also on instagram. Based on a report delivered by forbes. We share some aspects that support the thesis. Audience numbers are not real the bots on facebook. Are not only affecting elections and dirty warfare. Those influencers who have built their communities. Organically and with high levels of engagement. Still can’t seem to compete with those who buy followers. And grow their follower bases overnight. With the change in algorithm. It may be more attractive for advertisers to invest in pages.

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