Every day can be a holiday the major holidays should always get some love. But every day can be a holiday. With all the negativity floating around in the social sphere. An uplifting post about national donut day. Or world peace day. Can be just what your audience needs. Also. Don’t forget to use local Turkey Phone Number events such as festivals and significant days in your city or town to spice up your social media strategy. You can even make up your own holiday. Like many brands have done. Ihop for example started national pancake day. And the inventor of cake pops invented national cake pop day. 

People like these “made up” holidays because they’re shareable. Fun and interesting. And. Days like national cheeseburger day or national donut day give people an excuse to break their Turkey Phone Number diets. Or to meet a friend for lunch to catch up. They’re social. Everyday-is-a-holiday-for-special-events but you don’t have to come up with your own day. Because there are plenty of social holidays out there you can use to engage your audience. For example. Promorepublic creates templates for these holidays every single day. You can check it out for free and save yourself hours of searching for these viral events. 

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Everyday-is-a-holiday–for-special-events . Don’t be afraid of healthy. Positive gossip psychology today says that it could actually be a good thing to care about celebrity news. They support a claim that our preference to pay attention to gossip is a byproduct of the social intelligence our prehistoric Turkey phone number ancestors had to develop in order to survive and thrive within their communities. These people paid more attention to what other people were doing. Which allowed them to predict behavior and even influence others. Fast forward to today. And the phenomenon of celebrity news. Combined with the power of social media. Make celebrities socially important to humans.

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We can’t help ourselves. Dont-be-afraid-of-healthy-positive-gossip-for-special-events so that means that sports news. Celebrity birthdays and other pseudo-gossipy posts feed a primitive need in our mind. As long as you keep it respectful and mostly non-confrontational. You can expect engagement from these posts. . Take the opportunity to do something good people are inspired by special days that are designed to spread goodwill and Turkey Phone Number  help a group in need. One of the core reasons why people share on social media is to support a cause and do good. In fact. Coschedule tells us that  of users share socially to support issues they care about. So when you post about things like world charity month. Fire prevention month. And national stop bullying day (just a few examples). You show your fans and followers that you care.

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Take-the-opportunity-to-do-something-good-for-special-events since social is all about relationships. A great way to nurture these relationships is with socially aware posts that can raise awareness about different issues. Letting people know that your brand is socially responsible can boost your reputation. Turkey Phone Number Increase positive customer sentiment. And is frankly. Good karma. . It’s never bad to make people smile there’s a reason why funny tv commercials are so popular. They make a brand more accessible and make people smile in the process. Social media works in much the same way.

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