From emarketer they report that instagram has just over. 104.7 million users, and it is expected that during. The year 2018 1.6 million more will be added to this fun photography. Platform. During 2017 there was a 21 percent growth. In the user base of social networks around the world. In mexico. Alone there are around 65 million internet users. With some social network according. To data from the competitive intelligence unit ciu. According to figures from a report by hootsuite and wearesocial. Social networks have penetrated 50 percent. UK Business Fax List Of the world’s populatio they are becoming. More and more important in the industries and to show it. It is enough to observe what is happening in one .Of the most popular sports in the world.

One of the most popular teams in the world

One of the most popular teams in the world. Inter milan ventured to place the instagram account. On the shirts of its players instead of their traditional. Surname the squad is witness to the power. Of social networks and therefore joins an inevitable trend through. UK Business Fax List Instagram which is much more than a simple platform. To upload photos from emarketer they. Report that the social network has just over 104.7. Million users and it is expected that during the year. 2018 1.6 million more will be added to this fun photography. UK Business Fax List Platform currently you can create polls. Stories live broadcasts boomerang use its characteristic. Superzoom rewind type videos and even do a little stop motion.

After the scandal of facebook and cambridge analytica

UK Business Fax List

After the scandal of facebook and cambridge analytica. The social network has captured even more the attention. Of digital users and is even a basic part of a digital marketing. Strategy for many brands and companies. According to obs business school it is used by more. Than 50 percent of companies that have a b2c business. Model but it is also used to take advantage. Of b2b companies that include young people among. Their audiences subscribe to the premium content. Of merca2.0 from madrid to mexico city. The most reliable source of global marketing. UK Business Fax List Strategies a look at the strategies of the big brands. And consumer trends subscribe to merca2.0 I’m. Already a subscriber take me to premium content.

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