Images The statement ‘A picture is worth Hungary Phone Number a 1000 words’ has caused an explosion of infographics. That is not for nothing. The processing speed of images is many times higher than that of text. It is therefore no Hungary Phone Number surprise that infographics are popular. A good image can provide the right associations with your website and the reader. For example, Apple often uses Asians in their images; these Hungary Phone Number are associated with excellence in technology and innovation . An association that Apple is happy to claim.

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By means of an image you can also Hungary Phone Number influence what someone looks at. Just take a look at the following eye-tracking study: How to get higher in Google through Neuromarketing – eyetrack baby Just to be clear, the Hungary Phone Number redder the area, the longer someone has been looking at it. You soon see that the beholder is inclined to look at whatever the baby is looking at. So make sure that a person in an image on your website is looking towards your text, and not ‘outside’. 4. Text: Even a long piece can come Hungary Phone Number across as lighthearted. How? By actually creating air. So don’t be afraid to use paragraphs.

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This way you also immediately help Hungary Phone Number the reader when scanning your article. One way to draw attention back to your article is to signal your reader. You can do this, for example, by making certain keywords bold. Visual Hungary Phone Number contrast by means of a link (with a different text color) is also a strong cue. As a final visual cue, you can use sub-headings. This way the reader knows exactly where the article is at that moment. Embodied cognition My last tip is the most psychological one. The term embodied Hungary Phone Number cognition exists in psychology . This term describes our brain’s tendency to make physical actions psychological.

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