Credibility, a good sample and a transparent Egypt Phone Number source are essential. A compelling story “ Facts tell, stories sell’ . And the same goes for link building. According to MacNaught, most (news) sites do not publish studies. But what they do publish are stories. Look in your results for something you don’t expect. Something Egypt Phone Number that is different or unique, and build a story around it. A linkable asset The last factor is the most important. No matter how relevant your content is, websites will not automatically Egypt Phone Number refer to your (original) article. Therefore, always provide extra content that makes the reference to your (original) web page worthwhile.

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Pope has a holistic view of content and Egypt Phone Number emphasizes that effective. Content should be a match between what your target audience believes in and what you believe in as a brand (brand values). The model: content planning based on the buyer journey Pope’s model provides insight into the types of content that you can best use in Egypt Phone Number the different steps of a buyer journey. She defines a number of content types: Push/Pull: Similar to the traditional push and pull media. The push content is actively promoted by Egypt Phone Number companies (SEA, social advertising, etc.), pull content is the content that your customers find themselves by actively searching for it via search engines (SEO).

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Egypt Phone Number

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Since the Penguin update in 2013, that is a thing Egypt Phone Number of the past. However, getting valuable links to your content is still one of the most important ranking factors. MacNaught has therefore specialized in creating Egypt Phone Number content that generates a lot of links. A PR agency specialized in SEO. The Model: Link Building Factors Using real-world examples, MacNaught shows that content needs to meet the following factors in order to get a lot of links: Model 3 Good data Conduct a research within the Egypt Phone Number domain (topic) on which you want to be found. Outsource this to a research agency or use your own sources (databases, statistics, etc.).

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