Colombian brands have experienced an unprecedented rebound thanks, in part. To the economic and business opening that the country has experienced in recent decades.

Strategic thinking and digital transformation have also been largely responsible for this.

Among the most important brands are:

3. Totto
With more than 600 stores in 57 countries around the world, this colombian. International company has based its success on something. Fundamental: the power of adaptation .

In the 1980s, the company was able to read in its consumers. That they were willing to change their consumption habits. Which allowed them to rethink their business model.

From this, they decided to replace leather with more versatile elements such as canvas.

After a year, the results showed that they were correct, and thus. They were given the opportunity to diversify their product. Catalog and compete on prices with other brands.

Today They Are an Example of E- Commerce Success, With Responsive Websites

This company, on the other hand, decided to continue betting on. The traditional with leather. But, without forgetting essential factors. Such as the breadth of the catalog and incorporating canvas or fabric products.

In any shopping center in colombia you will find a booth of cueros vélez. Likewise, its objectives have been rethought to Sales Directors Email Lists cater to the interests. And tastes of people between 28 and 35 years old. With a powerful website and very well-directed digital strategies.

Currently, this company has a mailing list of more than 600. Thousand loyal people, with a lot of engagement. In addition, it implements seo very efficiently and maintains a presence. On social networks such as instagram and facebook.

Internationalization of Peruvian Companies

Sales Directors Email Lists

This brand heads the list of peruvian companies with the most international success. In fact, it is the fourth most popular soft drink company in the world.

Big cola began its international expansion by having a presence. In countries such as ecuador and venezuela in 1999.

However, for several years it was difficult for them to penetrate other markets. Until in 2002 they managed to open doors in central america. In countries such as costa rica, honduras or mexico.

Their big leap was in mid-2012 when after many attempts and efforts they. Managed to expand to asia, to nations like india or vietnam, where they are leaders in the segment.

This company has based its efforts to obtain notoriety thanks. To the use of paid advertising campaigns on the internet and. Its regional sponsorship of sports teams such as the barcelona football club of spain.

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