Nearly 72 percent of marketers and media professionals. Plan to reallocate some of their television. Advertising resources to their digital video. Advertising strategies we are almost halfway through. 2016 and the issues of marketing. And advertising begin to consolidate projections. Or change trends one of those that remains. Firm with respect to what the specialists estimated. Is the use of video as a marketing tool. Whether to design and communicate brand. Content through content marketing or native advertising. for fear that,Guam b2b list video is confirming projections.

But new data is also emerging that marketers

But new data is also emerging that marketers . in the event that,and brands must take into account. One of the most striking data is that for this year, about 72 percent of marketing Guam B2B List and media professionals plan to reallocate part of the resources allocated to television advertising to their digital video advertising strategies. This is indicated by a recent study by the interactive. advertising bureau  on the annual. expenditure on video advertising, referred to by adweek. in order to,which also reveals that the most outstanding. B2B List percent said they would withdraw from.

 that they would only leave cable television

Guam B2B List

That they would only leave cable television. or closed The iab study included consulting 360 media advertising. owing to,Buying and marketing professionals and. notwithstanding,Also found that 68 percent of respondents believe. in case,That original digital video will become. As important as original television programming. because of,In the next three to five years. Will exceed television advertising in terms of investment. provided that,Guam b2b list this is estimated.

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