According to appnovation. New content with – keyword density will get the highest rating in google’s serp (search engine results page). But what about authoritative posts? If an article isn’t authoritative. If it doesn’t have relevant information. The advice is for sites to take it down during redesign. The old stuff is Cayman Islands Phone Number  called ‘legacy content’. When a third party is linking to an article with “outdated information”. It’s a shoddy legacy for a host site. The host has incentive to take it down and make room for currently relevant content. That’s why you should write evergreen posts. 

So your work stays up. So it stays useful to an audience and therefore. A website. Evergreen content maintains authority over time because it continues to be relevant. This piece. On the Cayman Islands Phone Number  other hand. Deals with the underlying concept of seo as we know it: maximize your content marketing strategy with search engines for evergreen content more reading: how to increase your authority with evergreen content . Publish and re-purpose content on slideshare almost everyone is looking for quick easy big wins but you just need to grind it out. 

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Slideshare is one of the tactics that is incremental but keeps giving. Slideshare is also often underrated as it isn’t a sexy social network but just a visual media platform that is more for the buttoned up set. But turning the appropriate posts into powerpoints and uploading them to slideshare can Cayman Islands phone number generate traffic and leads. Since I started on slideshare I have reached nearly  million views and from that comes some traffic back to the blog from presentations like this one below which has received over .  views. Slideshare-marketing one of the best posts on this with some very cool tips and tactics comes from eugene cheng. (see her post below). More reading: how to get insane amounts of traffic and subscribers from slideshare – eugene cheng . 

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Use gifs in tweets as human attention drops to levels below that of a goldfish the fight for clicks and shares becomes a bun fight. So use gif’s that scream (in a nice way) at the viewer. Here is Cayman Islands Phone Number  an example of one we have used for agorapulse’s very cool social media marketing automation app that is one of our favourite tools. Agorapulse-banner-twitter . Use hashtag jacking when the latest series for the game of thrones was launched there is a lot of buzz. 

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People tweet. Snapchat and instagram. Hashtags are a big part if this online. So we decided to  write a post titled “ powerful social media marketing lessons from game of thrones” and tweeted it with the top trending hashtags. The result was . shares. Hash-tag-jacking-game-of-thrones calls to action and Cayman Islands Phone Number  conversion tips traffic is one thing but that is just the start of turning that into engagement and then leads and sales is where the real money is. Once you have traffic then it is important to start focusing on calls to action and then optimizing your conversions. . Co-create free ebooks with other businesses collaboration is one of the most powerful ways to reach new audience grow brand awareness and traffic and conversions. 


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