You have 90 seconds to capture the attention. Of a person, what do you prefer, tell a story or show an image that synthesizes it? And it is that recently the online movie and series streaming platform, netflix , realized the power of an image, especially considering the modern age. According to a study carried out in 2014, the artwork is not only the main reason why we choose to watch one movie over another, but also constitutes up to 82 percent of our attention as we spend our time searching for what to watch on the web. Niue B2B List This platform.

But that was not all he also discovered three

But that was not all he also discovered three. Important factors that must be part of any. Digital strategy in which they want to use images. Niue B2B List It seeks to reflect emotions in the case. Raised at the beginning and assuming you have. Chosen the images which one catches your attention. One where the protagonists seem artificial. Or another in which the protagonist is. Expressing love hate, sadness or joy according. To netflix the latter is more powerful netflix. One of the reasons for the success of unbreakable. Niue B2B List Kimmy schmidt.

Is due to the images with which the series

Niue B2B List

Is due to the images with which the series. Has been promoted, according to netflix media. Netflix give preference to a local story rather. Than a regional one. The recommendation is that today we cannot use the same formula for the same audiences, but rather we need to analyze the differences between different regions and develop a strategy according to each one. Netflix2 in “Sense 8”, netflix developed different strategies for different countries from which its protagonists originated media netflix.Comhave Niue B2B List villains, people love villains.

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