It does not cost you anything, but contributes to the durability of ProBlogger. It should also be noted that almost all of the resources mentioned on this page are resources of which I am a registered, paid, and regular user. Most of my readers agree with this, especially when I mention that I pay for and use many of the products I recommend. Rather than just having a bunch of recommendations, I suggest telling your readers why you recommend each one. It doesn’t need to be a trial. All you need is a short sentence explaining why you recommend it, who it might be relevant to, and how you found it useful.

You Might Even Want to Contact Some of The Companies

you are linked to and ask if they can do a deal for your readers. This way, your readers can get not only the product you recommend, but also a discount or some kind of bonus. It’s time to spread the word Once you’ve created your resource page and added some helpful content, Wedding Photo Editing it’s time to tell everyone it’s there. Start by linking to as many areas of your blog as possible. Add it to your navigation area, menu, sidebar, and any other visible place. You can also add it as a call to action at the bottom of your blog posts

Wedding Photo Editing

For Example, Just Above the Comments Section

Think about what you should call it. Do you think anyone looking for your content would type “resources page” into Google? Maybe “Tools and Services” might be a better title, especially if that’s primarily what you’re linking to. Although your resource page is mostly text, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Try to think of images you could add to make it more appealing. Perhaps you could add small screenshots of the tools or book covers you recommend.

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