Youre-either-with-us-or-against-us-quotes-strip-for-how-to-quickly-create-blog-content image source: youtube why? Well. In reality. It’s entirely possible to be neutral. Similarly. The creation of content pillars does away with the whole “quality vs. Quantity” debate. Instead of being forced to choose Austria Phone Number  between two opposing forces. By breaking down a well-crafted content pillar into smaller. Bite-sized content types. You’re able to have both at the exact same time – plenty of quality long-form content and plenty of quality short-form content. Even better. After a sizable effort upfront. Literally everything is speedily spawned from the same source – an initial content pillar. 

Content pillars speed up content creation regardless of your interest or area of expertise. Here’s how a content pillar could potentially be broken down during your blog’s next round of content creation: start here –  content pillar in the form of a -chapter e-book can easily become…  lead magnet  content  Austria Phone Number  upgrade  blog posts  infographics  video scripts  nurture emails  facebook posts  tweets does this structure sound at all familiar? Russian-dolls-and-please-do-not-touch-sign-for-how-to-quickly-create-blog-content image source: wikimedia commons [cough. Cough] … russian dolls. 

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Yes. There’s some editing that will need to take place as a content type distances itself further and further from an original content pillar. But the heavy lifting is all but over. The end result? Using a single core piece of content. You’ve supplied your blog with the research. Survey information. Quantitative Austria phone number data and commentary to build out enough media-rich posts and marketing materials for an entire month. With content pillars. Long gone are the days of massive brainstorming sessions and all-night writing binges. Now. You’re no longer just a blogger – you’re a content marketer. Too. Case study: content pillars can accelerate your blog’s growth if ever there was a publication that didn’t need any promotional help. It would be the new york times. 

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However. Though traffic isn’t much of an issue for the publication’s website. It was still able to experience tremendous audience growth through the use of a content pillar. Back in . A statistics student named josh katz was interning with the times. At one point during his internship. He stumbled across a -year- Austria Phone Number  old harvard study on regional dialects in the united states. You’ve read academic journals and know how dry they can be – this one was no different. Though lengthy. Complex and hard to understand at times. The study was loaded with unique findings and groundbreaking data. 

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Unbeknownst to katz. He’d essentially found a content pillar someone else had created. Recognizing the value of what was in front of him. Katz quickly developed a series of algorithms to help extract the most important information from the report. Then. Working with a team of graphic designers. He created Austria Phone Number  a series of user-friendly heat maps to visually engage audiences. What was katz doing with all of this. You ask? Creating a quiz for site visitors. The-quiz-ninth-question-and-accompanying-heat-map-for-how-to-quickly-create-blog-content image source: the new york times but not just any quiz … pulled directly from a content pillar. Katz’ quiz provided the times with more hits (in less than a month. Mind you) than any other one-off article that year. 

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