Actress kate del castillo spoke exclusively. To the new yorker, after being linked in judicial investigations in mexico with joaquín “El chapo” guzmán. This happened on twitter. The actress kate del castillo managed to impose herself on twitter trends this friday, after the new yorker published in its digital edition, the first interview she offers to a journalistic medium, since she refused to talk to hispanic media, due to accusations judicial proceedings in mexico, relating her to joaquín “el chapo” guzmán. Generally, kate del castillo’s relationship has been with the us media, as happened with her last interview for the telemundo network, in the midst of the controversy Controlling Directors Email Lists it has generated.

For having maintained contact with the capo

For having maintained contact with the capo. The interview he conducted for the new york media. According to robert draper author of the text. Controlling Directors Email Lists Took several days to carry out with images. as well as,Of the actress in her already well-known residence. In los angeles after a mexican media exhibited. The price that it had and where it is assured. He organized the contact with joaquín. El chapo guzmán in social networks. The media that are publishing notes related. To the interview that the actress gave are using the. Phrases break the silence and speak. For the first time as a marketing pull to generate. by the same token,Clicks on their entries through networks. similarly,Controlling Directors Email Lists Social.

Controlling Directors Email Lists

Appearance in social networks before the trend

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