Teams By Clara Sanchez-Noda There was a time when the only reason some teams in a company interacted with the IT team was because of a technical problem that no one else could fix. It turns out that it was not only a waste of resources, but also a terrible waste of talent that could have been devoted to innovation. I speak from another point of view; As VP of Salesforce Architecture and Business Analytics, my responsibility is to support the sales organization. Here at Salesforce, we’ve changed the name of our “IT Department” to “Enterprise Technology,” but it’s much more than just a name change.

Enterprise technology is part of the DNA of our organization; It’s in every Salesforce function, from recruiting to sales, and it’s absolutely critical to driving success. It’s our team’s job to make sure we both understand and optimize the business processes of the sales organization. So if there is a person within the sales organization who requests a new tool enhancement or change in functionality, it is up to us to validate what they request and then work with Business Technology to figure out the best way to do it. reality. In that sense, our two trade flows are intrinsically and absolutely linked.

Why Internal Collaboration Works

Better It’s very simple. The value of having Usa phone number Enterprise Technology in every facet of the organization lies in its clear overview . Of what is happening. This team understands our infrastructure, so if there’s a project going on in Marketing or Finance it might overlap . To some extent with something we’re working on that they can immediately alert us to. The immediate benefit of this is that it reduces duplication and unnecessary work,  In the CIO Handbook, we talk about . Business Technology breaking out of its silo. However, one of the side effects of that approach is that . It forces the rest of the company to behave in the same way.

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It means that we are all working towards the same goal and helps to understand the process. One of the benefits is that Enterprise Technology naturally understands our infrastructure. They understand what projects are underway in Finance. Employee Success, or Marketing that might coincide with something we’re thinking about in Sales . Reducing redundant work and speeding up development. They help us ensure that we are not working in silos, so that we are all working towards the same goal. They help us ensure that we are focused on the needs of the sales organization and their requirements, and they are the experts on the solution.

This Also Allows Us To Spend Our Time

Concentrating on identifying the problems that belong to the sales organization, i.e. what their real Therefore, requirements are. Instead of instantly switching to solution mode and trying to solve that problem as well. Business Technology works with us as part of our organization and this means . That the solutions they offer are always aligned with business objectives due to their collaboration with . The process that existed from the According to the 2020 State of the CIO Report earliest stages. We have achieved some important achievements thanks to this type of collaboration . About which you can obtain information in the CIO Manual.

When I joined Salesforce in 2018, my challenge in assuming the role of CIO was supporting day-to-day operations and . A growing workforce, while facilitating continuous innovation to move the company forward. It’s a challenge most CIOs face. In fact, today, you’re just as likely to find CIOs lighting the way . And helping organizations .The numbers speak for themselves achieve their revenue goals . And they know not the ones providing a solution, as we are what we can and can’t do. what can and can’t be customized. As you are handling the day-to-day demands of the IT department. But at the same time it can help speed up development.

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