Victoria is the brand with the longest tradition of grupo. Modelo a company that during the third quarter of the year. Had double-digit revenue growth in mexico. Cerveza victoria told its 3,406,378. Followers on facebook and 219,000 on its official twitter. Profile at that time that it was looking for two girls as its influencers. He has kept an eye on the conversation. On social network and for this reason he detected. The popularity of the meme of two girls carrying boxes. Of beer to which the word alpha is attributed. Now the virality has generated. Spain Business Fax List A new ambassador for the brand: josé luis. The drummer who went viral for playing with the killers.

The media reported the event with headlines such as.

The media reported the event with headlines such as. The fan who stole the night from the killers since. On april 5 at the foro sol, josé luis got on stage. Spain Business Fax List And showed his talent this was the best of the week. In mexico the killers blew up foro sol and gave. The most special moment by letting a fan play drums. During for reasons unknowpic april 7 2018on. Their promotional tour for wonderful wonderful. The killers’ latest studio album, brandon and company invited. Spain Business Fax List A fan from each concert to play with them on stage and four. Minutes were enough for 65,000 people. From foro sol to applaud euphorically mexican.

The engagement generated by the drummer attracted.

Spain Business Fax List

The engagement generated by the drummer attracted. The brand and announced that it is now part of its. Campaign do you know yes the mexican badass who stole the. Show from his favorite band. Mexicoes chingón pic.Twitter.Com/fccze2171b– victoria beer. Victoriamx april 12, 2018other brands that have shown. To be attentive to the digital conversation. Are ricolino bimbo and tupperware. Subscribe to the premium content of merca2.0from madrid. To mexico city the most reliable source of global marketing. Strategies a look at the strategies. Spain Business Fax List Of the big brands and consumer trends. Subscribe to merca.2.0 I’m already a subscriber, take me to premium content.

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