Automate twitter sharing twitter is great for sharing thought bubbles and even breaking news. But if you use it for marketing or sharing your content and do it manually it is very time Cameroon Phone Number    consuming there are a range of tools available including socialoomph that allow you to automate a range of different types of tweet. Loading up a bank of tweets with evergreen content that can be set up as recurring is what socialoomph is great for. Socialoomph-scheduled-posts this tactic has generated nearly  of my traffic on automatic pilot. . 

Share influencers content on autopilot social media is sometimes seen as a narcissists heaven as it provides global online attention. If you want to succeed then enlisting others to help Cameroon Phone Number  starts with helping them first. I share over  other bloggers content on twitter every day. Sometimes it is manual and other times I automate it. The original app I used for that was twitterfeed but is now closed. One of the best ways to do this now is to use a combination of feedly. Buffer and ifttt to trigger tweets that when bloggers post content you love and trust it is shared on twitter. 

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This is how it works! You will need to link feedly to ifttt and then to buffer to setup automated tweets that are scheduled to go out at times you set.  just like this; iftt and feedly twitter apps example this will enable you to share top content on autopilot. This will grow your twitter following and so more Cameroon phone number traffic! If you want to see how larry mcguire explains how to do this check out this post. “ powerful twitter apps you need to work on autopilot” more reading:  smart tips for creating. Marketing and sharing content on twitter  tools every digital entrepreneur must use . Tweet often many people are not sure how often they should tweet. Most people bring their email goggles to twitter tweeting. 

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They think it is an inbox. It’s not. It’s a stream of online consciousness. It needs to be fed with constant updates. Posting frequency on twitter and facebook is sometimes treated by companies in the same way. It shouldn’t. Twitter will tolerate much more frequent posting than facebook. In fact studies show Cameroon Phone Number  that a tweet every  minutes receives higher engagement than every  minutes. The study results from simply measured shows that tweeting every fifteen minutes instead of thirty led to the following: increased traffic by  engagement was up by  that just confirmed what I have been doing for years. What is also interesting is to see brands tweeting more frequently. 

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Twitter frequency even though nearly  are only tweeting – times a day. The number that are posting + times has increased. Load tweets once and then tweet many times. So tweet often and use Cameroon Phone Number  apps to do this for you without having to do it manually all the time. . Write evergreen articles evergreen content are posts that don’t date easily like the latest news. But why is evergreen content important? One big reason is because of search engines.  It’s called seo.

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