To involve these higher echelons, scientific management engineers began to concern themselves with the principles of management capable of framing the behavior of managers and bosses. The pioneer of the classical theory, Henry Fayol, is considered together with Taylor, one of the founders of modern administration, who was concerned with defining the basic functions of the company, the concept of administration (foresee, organize, direct, coordinate and control) , as well as the so-called principles of administration as universal procedures to be applied in any type of organization or company. For Fayol there is a proportionality of the administrative function that is reported proportionally by all levels of the company.

Rate and Stress Variability

The classical theory formulated a theory of organization based on administration as a science. The emphasis on structure means that the organization is understood as. An arrangement of the parts (organs) that constitute it, its form and the Algeria Phone Number interrelationship between these parts. This theory  of organization is restricted exclusively to the organization, it must be characterized by a division of labor and the corresponding specialization of the parts (organs) that constitute it. The division of labor can occur vertically (levels of authority) and horizontally (departmentalization). However, as the division of labor and specialization occurs, coordination must occur to guarantee. The perfect harmony of the whole and, consequently, the efficiency of the organization.

This Theory Presented Deep

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In addition, there are line bodies (linear authority) and staff bodies (staff authorities for the presentation of services and consultancy). To better conceptualize what administration is, the authors provide the elements of administration (or functions of the administrator) . The normative and prescriptive approach of the classical theory is better visualized through the principles of administration, a kind  of recipe book of how the administrator Buy Email List should proceed in certain situations. From the Hawthome experiment a new conception of human nature developed: social man. At the same time, it was found that group formation and group processes can. Be manipulated through some style of leadership and communication. The first studies of human motivation (field theory and inventory of basic human needs. Formalized the notion of motivational cycle as satisfaction, frustration or compensation.

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