While social networks consolidate their leading role. In the lives of users what happens on these platforms. Has become a benchmark in the business world. And in this game influencer marketing. Occupies a special place becoming an influencer. Gives you unique power in the ability to influence consumer. Decision-making in mexico, for example figures. From think with google indicate that 40 percent. Of young consumers make purchase decisions. Based on the recommendations of an influential. Person while the credibility of people. On the internet amounts to percent of the time to recommend brands. However positioning yourself as an influential player. Is not easy just look at what happens business field.

Although It Might Be Thought That Personalities Such

Although it might be thought that personalities such. As mark zuckerberg and tim cook would be benchmarks. Buy Kenya Whatsapp Numbers In the business world considering the empires they possess. These characters are surpassed. By others when it comes to influence on social networks. Ranking of most influential entrepreneurs on facebook character. O marchaccording to a ranking created by crowdtangle. It indicates that, during the month of march of this year. The ranking of influencers on facebook worldwide. Who move within the business sector is led by strive. Masiyiwa founder of econet, followed by bill gates. Co-founder of microsoft and mike bloomberg. Politician and founder of the information. Company bloomberg in fourth place. Stands out the mexican arturo who directs fundación telmex.

Occupying a Position as a Reference in the Social Network

Occupying a position as a reference in the social network. Is not subject to the number of publications made. But rather the capacity of each message to generate conversation. And interactions. According. To the ranking, for example while elías ayub only added .Five publications during the month of study. Masiyiwa made eight gates wrote 15 comments and bloomberg. Did so 16 times . Appearing in this type of listings is an important. Engine for personal branding before the approval. Of the audiences that now dictate what is trending. And what is worthy of trust and credibility. Subscribe to the premium content of merca2.0 from. Madrid to mexico city, the most reliable source. Of global marketing strategies. A look at the strategies of the big. Brands and consumer trends subscribe to merca2.0

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