About 250 to 400 words is the minimum, but Bahamas Phone Number not a hard requirement. It should be good, contextual text that fits well with your video. Beware of over-optimization: you don’t have to use your search terms a hundred times, a few times here and there is enough. G+ hashtags : Google Plus is known for having a positive Bahamas Phone Number effect on your ranking in Google search results. And YouTube, of Bahamas Phone Number course, belongs to Google. Just like Google Plus for websites, this has not been confirmed, but social signals always help with ranking.

Between 25% Bahamas Phone Number

So err on the side of caution. The ‘ tags ‘. Nothing Bahamas Phone Number more than the keywords you want to rank for. Enter four or five keywords here that match your video. Make sure to share it on Google Plus . As described in step 3: YouTube belongs to Google. And if you have Twitter, share the video there as well. Youtube-SEO-ranken Step 3: Advanced Bahamas Phone Number Settings Now click on the ‘advanced settings’ above the title. Make sure the correct video location is entered: I chose Breda. YouTube changes it to the correct Bahamas Phone Number coordinates itself. Language must of course be Dutch. Once that’s OK, you can upload your video. Step 4: Wait & result It’s a matter of time.

Bahamas Phone Number List
Bahamas Phone Number List

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With this method, the videos usually rank Bahamas Phone Number within two to three hours. This depends on how well you’ve performed and how tough is the niche you want to rank for. I’ve been tracking the progress of my video by checking Bahamas Phone Number its position in Google every now and then. Four hours after the upload, I saw the video “ranking” for the first time. The video was ranked 1 for the search term ‘buy toe shoes breda’. So Bahamas Phone Number a local search term. The video also appeared in 2nd place with the search terms ‘toe shoes breda’ and at 11th with the terms ‘buy toe shoes’.

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