Changes in whatsapp’s privacy policy allow the recovery. Of shared content that had been deleted from phones. Since the facebook and cambridge analytica scandal. The entire mark zuckerberg network ecosystem. Has begun to change terms and conditions of use just as. Controls and restrictions have been added for greater privacy. One of those changes would be that the instant. Messaging application whatsapp considers increasing the age. Limit of use for some countries which is currently 13 years. Old and raising it to 16 this week’s novelty. Canada Business Fax List Is related to the images and videos sent or received. Which until now, are stored on the app’s servers. For 30 days and then can no longer be retrieved.

This as Long as They Had Been Downloaded Once on the

This as long as they had been downloaded once on the. Recipient’s cell phone now with this change, even if images. Videos gifs audio messages or documents have been. Canada Business Fax List Downloaded and then deleted from phones. They can be restored the data was originally published by. Wabetainfo the site that is attentive to the news of the application. For a few days whatsapp allows. You to re-download deleted files from phones. This translates into the fact that the app continues. To store them on its servers after downloading them. This feature was partially available. Canada Business Fax List Before undownloaded files were available for 30 days. But when the recipient downloaded them whatsapp. Immediately deleted them from its server.

Now whatsapp changed this when a file is downloaded

Canada Business Fax List

Now whatsapp changed this when a file is downloaded. Successfully it does not delete it from the server. Which allows users to redownload it even. If it has been accidentally deleted in the internal. Memory or the card where each user stores them. According to movilzona the novelty appears between. Versions 2.18.106 and 2.18.110. This means that. If for some reason we have physically. Deleted the image from our internal storage. We can still recover it from the whatsapp servers. Something that is possible thanks to the function that. Canada Business Fax List Now stores a copy for longer explains the medium. There is a way to prevent them from being saved. If after being sent the message is deleted.

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